F.A.Q Page


To help you get started quickly, we have listed the most frequently asked questions below. If you still can’t figure it out, you can always contact us on [email protected], we will be happy to help you!

  1. Register / sign up
    • How to register
      • Visit our Register page to register on our website.
      • After registering you will receive an email to confirm your registration with the data provided.
      • The second email will contain a link to submit a password.
      • After you have made you password, TracksandTrade will check and verify your registration and approve or disapprove your registration within max 72 hrs.
    • What is required to register to bid?
      • Your full name, age, your country of residence with home address, phone number, email address and acceptance of our general conditions. In case if you bidding as a company foundation or other or other official registered organization also additional info will be requested such as your VAT number, Company registration number or Chamber of Commerce registration.
      • After registration you will receive an email that your new account has been created, please also check your spam box
    • What will I receive per email?
      • TracksandTrade will only use your email address for account and auction related information. See for this also our Privacy statement.
    • Unable to register?
  2. Inspection(s)
    • How can lots of an online-only auction that I am interested in, be inspected?
      • There are two viewing dates. More information and location can be found per lot in the “Note to Buyers” Tab. Pre-registration will in this case be required.


  1. How does the bidding and buying works?
    • When can I Bid?
      • Bidding is possible after opening of the auction at a set date and time. Bidding is possible till the end of the auction by a set date and time. All Lots will close in sequential order. In case if you bid in the last minute before bid closure the end time will automatically extend with another 20 seconds until bidding ends.
    • Do I have to register to place a bid?
      • If you already are a registered customer, login with your email address and password, and submit your bids. If you are a new customer, please create a new account via our website. Please not that TracksandTrade might need 72 hrs. to verify your account before you are able to start bidding. So, if you want to bid register yourself as soon as possible!
    • How to bid?
      • You can bid on a lot by direct bid. Lots are being offered at starting price excluding buyer’s premium and VAT (when applicable). The first bid will set the starting price / openings price.
      • You will get an email confirmation of the bid you have placed
    • What are the bidding increments?
      • The bidding increments steps are variable and set on percentage of the average value estimations. A fixed bid increment is from starting / opening price till 40%; second fixed bid increment is from 40% till 75%; then till 100% and over.
    • Is there a Reserve price to be met?
      • Unlike other auction houses, TracksandTrade is not working with a reserve price.
        There is only an opening bid, which is at the same time the starting price – i.e., an object must be purchased by auction for at least that price buyer’s premium and VAT (when applicable).
    • How can I tell if my online bid is the highest bid?
      • Once you have placed a bid you will have a pop-up showing if you have successfully placed a highest or winning bid or not. Also, an email will be sent to your account with the confirmation of this information.
    • What if I placed the exact same bid as another bidder?
      • The first bidder for an equal amount is leading so if you want the lot than you must overbid the actual bid.
    • Can you bid with a written bid?
      • Please contact [email protected] and submit your bid and bidding information (proxy bid / auto bid) at the latest 24 hrs. before ending of the auction. This means that we must have a written legal confirmation by email of these data.
        TracksandTrade will then act as an agent on your behalf and submit a bid on your behalf only to the amount necessary to outbid the second highest bidder by one increment.
    • Can I bid by phone during the auction?
      • Bids can only be submitted in writing (See previous question) or through our website.
    • How to put in a bidding amount?
      • Fill in the bidding amount. Note that no EURO sign is required. For the decimals the TracksandTrade Auction Site uses “.”
    • Why is the “.”used between whole numbers and decimals?
      • However, in Western Europe a “,” is used between whole numbers and decimals, this online auction use the “.” between whole numbers and decimals.


  1. Proxy bid / Auto bid – Maximum bid
    • Setting a Maximum bid.
      • A direct maximum bid can be set the first time when no bid has been entered.
        Please note that this will set a direct bid based on the value entered!
    • Setting a Proxy bid / Auto bid
      • To set a Proxy / Auto bid use the maximum bid entry. Please note that you first make a direct bid and set the proxy bid / auto bid afterwards.
        When setting the maximum bid as a first bid (so not directly bid) this will set a direct bid instead of a Proxy bid / auto bid.
    • Removing / deleting a Proxy bid / Auto bid


  1. Auction
    • How is an online-only auction effected?
      • The auction is open for entering bids at a set date time and will stay open for bidding till a set closing date and time has been reached. The lots will end sequential.
        To give enough time for bidders, the auction site is so organized that if bids placed in the last minute before bid closure the end time will automatically extend with another 20 seconds until bidding ends.
      • What is sequential?

To give bidders sufficient the time to bid on all auctioned lots all lots will end in sequential order. So, when the bidding time of a specific lot is extended due to various bids in the final minute(s), the end time of all other open lots will also extend.

  • How is an online-only auction supervised?
    • During the Auction an Accountant will be present to supervise the online auction ([email protected]).


  1. Buying / Payment
    • How much is the buyer’s premium?
      • The buyer’s premium amounts to 16.5 % of the hammer price for all lots. This buyer’s premium is excluding Value Added Tax (VAT).
    • How much is the Value Added Tax (VAT).
      • Value Added Tax depends on buyers country of residence refer to the General Conditions for more information.
      • If VAT will be applicable on the purchase price (winning bid / hammer price) is depending on if the lot is listed as a MARGIN or as VAT. When VAT will be applicable this will be mentioned in the Lot description.
    • What is Margin?
      • When a Lot is listed as MARGIN this lot is offered by TracksandTrade pursuant to consignment sale on behalf of a private individual. Therefore, the MARGIN scheme will be applicable so no sales tax (VAT) over the hammer price will be applicable.
    • What happens after the sale / winning bid?
      • First a conditional purchase agreement is concluded to you. Then Our accounting department will verify the bids and sent you, when accepted, a detailed invoice for your purchase. As soon as the invoice is paid, you will be instructed how to collect your purchase.
    • How to transfer payment when you have won a lot?
      • Please wait for arrival of our invoice.
        Invoices will be sent by E-Mail. On the invoice you will find all information on payment.


  1. Pick-up and transport
    • When a how do I arrange the pick-up of an object?
      • Contact TracksandTrade to come to an appointment / agreement about the collection.
    • When will the Storage fee be applicable?
      • This is specified in the Note to Buyers


  1. What are the General Conditions?


  1. Export
    • Cultural Heritage Goods
      • Lots older than 75 years and with a total purchase value over 50.000, – euro will require an Export License issued by the Ministry of Culture when exported.
    • Requirements for export to the USA
      • Import Permit
        • An ATF Firearms and Explosives Division Permit is required for any import. See ATF
      • International Import Certificate
        • S. International Import Certificate form can be found here. We will need the IIC either in paper form or containing proof of it being handed to you electronically. For more information, please visit the sites of the Bureau of Industry and Security.
      • Agricultural Inspection
        • All goods are sold clear of dirt so ready for any agriculture inspection.
      • Demilitarization?
        • No demilitarization of the armour is required. Gun demilitarization according ATF rules is required.
      • Requirements for export to the Canada?
      • Requirements for export other countries?


  1. Account
    • Where can I find my account information?


  1. Right of withdrawal
    • Does the right of withdrawal apply for me?


  1. What is Collectability?
    • The collectability is determined by the following data, giving by the expert’s opinion
Description Ranking 1 2 3 4 5
Rarity 4,5 Easily available Courant Rare Very Rare Absolute Unique
Condition 3 Full Restoration Required Patina / Untouched Old Restoration; running Restored Class A Restored
Completeness 4,5 Very Incomplete Incomplete All major items are there Over 90% complete Extraordinarily complete
Originality / authenticity 4 (Nearly) Full Reproduction / replica Restored with usage of >50% reproduction parts Restored with use of <50% reproduction parts Restored with >90% original parts Pristine and nearly untouched
Vehicle History 3 No Identifiable History Available Post War or civil History Available Used in any conflict Word Wide Proven Combat History Unique Proven Combat History