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The iconic US Carbine WW-II. More than six million were produced as personal weapons for troops not primarily intended as riflemen such as drivers and artillery crew

Description:                      US Carbine .30 M1

Weapon number:             5383406

Year of Manufacturing:    1943

Calber:                              .30

Length:                              36in (905mm)

Manufacturers:                 General Motors Corp., Dayton, Ohio, and Grand Rapids and Soginaw, Mich., US
Rock-Ola Corp., Chicago, M., U.S.
Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, Conn, US
Underwood-Elliot-Fisher, Hartford, Conn, US
Rochester Defense Corp., Rochester, NY. US
Quality Hardware Corp., Chicago, IL, US
National Postal Meter Corp., Rochester, NY, US
International Business Machines Corp., Poughkeepsie, NY, US
Standard Products Co., Port Clinton, Ohio US
Royal Ordnance Factory Fazakerley, England

Weight:                             5 lb. 7 oz (2,48 kg)

Barrel:                                18 in (457 mm) long, four grooves, right-hand twist

System of operation:        Gas, rotating bolt

Feed system:                    15 or 30-round. detachable box magazine


The US Carbine MI originated in 1938 with a request from the Army for a light rifle, which could replace the standard rifle and the pistol in arming drivers, machine gunners, mortar squads, cooks, clerks, and others whose primary function was not rifle shooting but who, in an emergency, might need a weapon with a better reach than the pistol. The request was initially turned down, but was revived in 1940 and this time met with a more favorable reception, because the US Army was now expanding and the production of standard rifles was stretched to its utmost. In October 1940 a draft specification was issued for the new weapon, and the Winchester company was contracted to develop special round of ammunition, using a 110-grain bullet and giving a velocity of 1,860 ft/sec. This was officially called the 30 Short Rifle Cartridge and was based on a commercial round, the Winchester 32 automatic sporting rifle cartridge.

Eleven companies submitted weapons for test; Of these seven models were subjected to trial. The Winchester design, using a modification of the Garand bolt with a short-stroke gas piston originally developed for a potential military rifle, was selected for adoption and was standardized as the Carbine M1 late in 1941.

The gas action uses a captive piston. This strikes an operating slide, delivering sufficient energy to drive the slide back to cam the bolt open against the power of the return spring. The rearward movement of the bolt also cocks a hammer before the spring returns it, loading a fresh round and locking the bolt. It has been estimated that more than six million carbines were made during the war, and they were widely distributed through- out the army. Opinions as to their utility differ; they were without doubt very handy weapons, light and easy to use, but the bullet was a pistol bullet rather than a rifle bullet and consequently their accuracy at anything other than short range was far from satisfactory, it was also somewhat deficient in stopping power.




Same as the M1, but with a pistol grip and folding skeleton stock: this pattern was primarily for airborne troops.


Full automatic fire version. It resembles the M1 except for having a fire selector lever on the left of the receiver Standardized in September 1944, a special 30-round magazine was developed for it. The cyclic rate of fire was approximately 750 rounds per minute.


An M2 with the open sights removed and fitted with an infra-red Sniperscope sight Standardized August 1945.


The development model number of the design standardized as M3.

The development model number of the design standardized as M2.

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