US 76 MM Muzzle Brake – Lot 0218

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76 MM Muzzle Brake M2 for Sherman 76MM Cannons
Parts No. D69297
Makers ID: D7226748 – 1 04 – 1 – 4085 - 234
Dimensions:   Muzzle Brake: (L x B x H): 60 x 38 x 30 cm
Weight: 30 kg.

History / Summary

Ordnance documents state that the Muzzle Brake, M2 was standardized, and 300 had been produced by the end of August 1944. Production was scheduled at the rate of 100 per day "until requirements are met." Internal items were necessary, including a counterweighted breech guard, to balance the 87-pound muzzle brake.
US Armored Forces in Europe began requesting muzzle brake modification kits and long primer ammunition in early September, 1944. In general, priority for new items was given to the tank manufacturers. Modification kits for Tank Depot and Field installation were produced only after manufacturers' requirements were met. When the Ordnance Department informed the ETO that Modification kits would not become available until early 1945, the response was that this was "not satisfactory. Urgent requirement exists. "The ETO insisted on the immediate air shipment of 3 standalone muzzle brakes, and a further 600 by fast water transport, with the note "counterweights can be added by Field Modification”.
As it was, these items were shipped in late December, just as the first M4A3(76)s with muzzle brakes and HVSS were distributed to troops in Europe. Below  a few pages of the Modification Work Order above. It is dated July 25, 1945.

This Muzzle brake comes in its original WW-II crate and was never installed. A time capsule for the serious collector. Highly collectable because this is something for on your desk.