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WW II Clinometer Field Mk IV No. 22443, in a brown leather Clinometer Field No. I case dated both 1943. The Clinometer is a field precision leveling instrument used for adjusting artillery weapons in elevation, measuring their angles of elevation, and checking the elevation mechanisms of fire control equipment.

This Field Mark VI clinometer is a brass measuring instrument, used to gauge angles of slope, elevation and depression.
The device features three flat sides, making up the frame, which can each be used as a base to determine different angles.
The first is engraved with, "DIRECTION / OF TARGET" and is used for angles between -1 – 44 degrees.

The second side has two flat feet, and is engraved with, 45 - 90 degree Target" and is used in the same way as the first, but for another angle.
The third side is an ovular shape and is engraved with, "CLINOMETER FIELD MARK VI No 22443 / 1943 OS 327 GA. The frame houses a central arm with a scale of 0:60 minutes.
This arm holds an adjustable spirit or bubble level which slides along the minute scale, while the whole arm can be adjusted along a further arched scale on the outer frame, reading 0:44 degrees.

The case for the clinometer is made from brown leather.
The case is marked CLINOMETER MKI FIELD No. 1 TELCO 1943. The interior contains felt elements to act as padding for the clinometer.