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Lot 0232 UK Propeller of a mysterious British Bomber

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  • Location: Nederweert The Netherlands
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Propeller of a Short Stirling Bomber Crashed near Klundert in The Province of North Brabant the Netherlands in WW-II

Brochure Rev 4.0 dated 10-03-2023


Update March 10 2023:

This lot is something mysterious as initial sources at first stated that this propeller belonged to a Short Stirling, a British four-engined heavy bomber of the Second World War.
However, analyzing the propeller more into detail led to other possibilities.
To guarantee the new owner of this lot that this propeller truly is from a Short Stirling, Tracks and Trade had started an investigation. Unfortunately, the previous owner who discovered it and even wrote in his memoires that the propeller came from a Short Stirling passed away 2 years ago.
There was no propeller identification on the hub, nor where there any metric or inch numbers found that could provide more detailed information on the propeller.
The only thing we know for sure is that it was a propeller came from a plane that crashed in WW-II in the southern part of the Netherlands.

Some information that we do have:

  • The propeller turns clockwise,
  • The hub is about 57cm (22 ½ inch),
  • The speed reduction gear is about 30cm (12 inch),
  • The total diameter in its current state is about 260cm (102 ½ inch),
  • The propeller width at the connection at the hub is 12cm (4 ¾ inch),
  • The propeller width at the start of the leading edge is 22cm (8 ¾ inch),
  • The propeller at its widest is 25 cm (10 inch)

Analyzing the visual components and dimensions of the propeller with the help of several experts led to (for now) five possible WW-2 airplanes that the propeller could belong to.
One experts opinion concluded after judging the shape of the hub, the propeller blade shape and also the gear reduction that it is more likely that the part could be of a Rotol propeller for a Hurricane rather Rotol was formed in 1937 by Rolls-Royce and Bristol to develop and manufacture propeller for both companies, Rotol Airscrews introduced a long line of innovative variable-pitch designs.These ranged from two to six blades and used both hydraulic and electric actuators to change blade pitch. The Hurricane at first was a fighter. However, when it became clear that it was being outclassed as a pure fighter, it gained other duties as well. The “Hurribomber” came into being, a fighter bomber carrying two bombs under its wings.

Another expert stated that the propeller is certainly Rotol. In addition, given the location of the recovery, it is to be suspected that it is a propeller of a bomber, therefore Whitley or Halifax, as there are possible remains of de-icing pipes which are another indicator.
Furthermore, the blades are made out of magnesium which includes possibilities as Spitfire MK-II, Whitley, Halifax, Miles Master. This therefore excludes the Short Stirling as this aircraft did not use Rotols.Lastly, the 50 tooth reduction gear would be correct for a Merlin engine with .420 reduction ratio, which discounts the Merlin Spitfire, with .477. So therefore, this propeller probably belonged to a bomber.

As the time of the Auction is running out we unfortunately have to stop our activities to find out more information about this mysterious propeller and its history. What you buy therefore is a WW-II treasure. As we were not allowed to remove any paint the Buyer will be in the position to do this and for sure than you will find some identification markings. Hopefully, this propeller finds its new home in the collection of a serious WW-II collector with the ambition to find out more about its history!

Sizes and dimensions:

Weight:           approx. 800 kg

Dimensions:    (L x B x H) : 2,60 cm x 2,40 cm x 25 cm

Remarks:         Some corrosion

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