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The Field Artillery Tractor (FAT) is a four-wheel-drive towing vehicle used with the 25 Pounder Field Gun and the 17 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun during the Second World War. Under the vehicle is a very heavy winch for moving the gun or to winch the vehicle in bad terrain.

Ford and General Motors in Canada produced over 22,000 FATS during the war.

This FAT is a very rare survivor of the Chevrolet 8440/CGT series. To be exact, an early 1940 example Model 84-40 of the variant known as a FAT-1 with a 7A2 body and No.11 cab produced by The General Motors of Canada Limited, Oshawa Walkerville Regina Works Vehicle was delivered in TBRA Trim and paint F.C. 98. It was fully restored in a 4-year restoration period by a team of professionals.



Description                      CMP FAT (Field Artillery Tractor) Quad

Model                               Chevrolet 8440/CGT Tractor, 4x4, Field Artillery (FAT-1) with a 7A2 body and No.11 in TBRA Trim

Color                                F.C. 98

Manufacturer                  General Motors of Canada Limited

Production figures          Ford and General Motors in Canada produced over 22,000 FATS during WW-II

Net Weight                      10,880 lbs. (4.935 kg.)

Gross weight                   13,200 lbs. (5.987 kg.)

Crew                                1 (one) driver and 5 (five) passengers

Engine                              Chevrolet, straight 6-cyl 216 cubic inch (3,54 lt.) petrol engine

85 bhp (63 kW) @ 3,400 rpm

Transmission                   Manual operated gearbox 4 forward, 1 reverse, front wheel drive & high / low gear

Suspension                      Beam axles on leaf springs

Max. speed                      45 miles/hour (74 kilometers/hour)

Dimensions                      Length:     169 in   (4,29 m)

Width:      90 in    (2,28 m)

Height:     96 in    (2,44 m)

Wheelbase                      101 in         (2,56 m)

Electrical installation       6 Volt

Date of production          September 15 1940 (09-15-1940)

VIN Nr.                              0844002482

Canadian registration    CH421755

Road registration            Belgium road registration (OBP 771)



Location:                          Turnhout Belgium

Condition:                        Class A Restored

Permits:                           Not applicable


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