Lot 0352: MTU MB 838 (Germany)

Starting bid: 5,000.00


Built to military-grade standards, this Leopard 1 Tank engine is made of top-quality materials. Its compact design allows for easy installation.

The MTU MB 838 CaM 500 engine is a proven workhorse that has been used in a variety of military vehicles over the years. Its advanced design makes it particularly well-suited to the demands of tank operation, with excellent power output, reliability, and fuel efficiency.



Type                                MTU MB 838 CA M500

Maker                              MTU (Mercedes Benz)

Design                            V-Form 90 Degree

Fuel                                 Diesel

Performance                  Four-stroke Pre-process with Mechanical Supercharging

Fuel                                 F-54 (Diesel)

Number of Cylinders      10

Total Capacity               27.400 cm3

Rated Power                   610 KW (830 hp) @ 2.200 rpm according to DIN 70020

Maximum Torque           2.860 NM @ 1.500 rpm

Idle Speed                      820-880 (Motor Operating)

Cooling                           Water Circulation Cooling

Mass                               1.990 kg

Maximum Length:          78.4 in.     (1.990 mm)    with Clutch

Maximum Width             53.1 in.      (1.350 mm)

Maximum Height           50.4 in.     (1.280 mm)



Location:                         Wichita Kansas USA

Condition:                       Very low hrs. (approx. 400)

Permits:                           In case of export out of the USA an export permit will be required.



Between € 12.000 and € 15.000