Lot 0350: 1944 Tank T34-85 (Russia)

The T-34/76 was designed in 1940 as a multi-purpose vehicle, intended to take advantage of breakthroughs in enemy lines. It kept the original F-34 gun until 1943

The State Defense Committee met on August 25, 1943, following the battle of Kursk, and decided to upgrade the T-34 with a new gun.
Three guns were tested at Gorokhoviesky Proving Grounds, near Gorkiy. The S-18 won the competition at first and its design was approved for use in the modified turret, but dropped when it was apparent that it was not compatible with the D-5 mounting for which the turret was designed. However, the D-5, conceived by Petrov, was retested and showed a limited elevation and other minor defects, but equipped the first production series (model 1943) of the T-34-85 as the D-5T. At the same time, Grabin’s gun, the ZiS-53 showed mediocre ballistic performances and had to be reshaped by A. Savin.
On December 15, 1943 this modified version, named the ZiS-S-53, was chosen to be produced en masse and equipped all T-34-85’s model 1944. Around 11,800 were delivered during the next year only. When the first T-34-85’s delivered by Zavod #112 appeared, they were given to the best units, the elite Red Guards battalions. However, they were in training during December 1943, so it is uncertain whether they saw action before January or February 1944. By then, around 400 had already been delivered to front-line units and instantly became popular with the crews. They gradually replaced the T-34/76 and in mid-1944 the T-34-85 outnumbered the older versions.


Model:                              T-34-85 model 1944

Weight:                            32 tons

Crew:                               4

Engine:                             V12 diesel GAZ, 400 bhp

Transmission:                  five-speed transmission

Suspension:                     Christie

Speed:                             26 mph (38 km/h)

Range                              200 mi (320 km)

Dimensions:                     Length:     26’9″    (8,15 m); without gun 16’10” (5,12 m)

Width:      9’10”     (3,00 m)

Height:     8’6”      (2,60 m)

Armament:                      Main gun: 85 mm (3.35 in) ZiS-S-53 demilitarized

Serial No.:                         60811534

Year of Manufacturing: 1943-1945 (WW-II model)


Location:                          Wichita Kansas USA

Condition:                        Tank is in running condition

Permits:                           In case of export out of the USA an export permit will be required.



Between € 150.000 and € 200.000