Lot 0349: 1941 Cañon de Montaña 75 22 (Spain)

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This gun is quite a rare piece; you don’t usually see them outside Spanish museums. It’s a Cañón de Montaña Schneider 75/22 M-1941.

It is basically a howitzer with wooden wheels.

Because it is designed to serve in remote mountain areas it can be relatively easily disassembled and break down into multiple parts so they can be transported easily. Usually, these parts were transported by mule. This one was developed by the Spanish in 1941 (after the Spanish civil war) to replace the Schneider 105/11 Mountain Howitzer, which suffered from wear and fatigue issues.

They made use of the existing WW1 carriage (hence the wooden wheels) and added a 75mm/22 cal gun to it. These were manufactured in Trubia, Spain, until 1944, and saw service in the Spanish army from the 1940s to the 1960s. A very rare howitzer with a great history!



Model:            Cañon de Montaña 75/22 model 41

Manufacturer:            Artilepia Fabrica de Trubia

Weight:            approx. 2,650 lb. (1.200 kg)

Year of Manufacturing:            1941

Dimensions:            Length:          157 1/2”                        (400 cm)

Width:                  55”          (140 cm)

Height:             55”                (140 cm)

Caliber:                              75 mm (3 inch)

Recoil:            Hydro-pneumatic

Carriage:            Two-wheeled carriage

Feed system:            Manual

Breach ID:            No. 48 75/2 2 2 MD 1941

Condition / Remarks:            Firearms license required, or we can deactivate the cannon at costs



Location:                          Overloon the Netherlands

Condition:                        Great condition. Nicely restored.

Permits:                              In case of export an export permit will be required.



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