Lot 0348: 1944 Volvo M43 TPV Staff Car (Sweden)

Terrain passenger car m/43, TPV (Terräng Person Vagn) was an all-terrain passenger car manufactured by Volvo for the Swedish Army.

During World War II, the need for vehicles was large within the Swedish army.

At the beginning, civil cars and trucks with added camouflage where used for this purpose.

As a radio car, the Volvo PV51, 53, 54 and 56 where used for this task. However, they had no off-road qualities and too little space for the radio equipment, so the Army had to improvise.

Volvo was given the task of developing a dedicated car with good terrain qualities.

To minimize the development time of the vehicle, existing parts were used as much as possible. By taking an existing passenger car body (taxi) and putting it on a modified light truck frame as well as adding bigger wheels and four-wheel drive, they constructed an all-terrain staff/radio car. The body (all thought modified) and the engine came from the Volvo PV800 series. The axles and a four-speed transmission were taken from the light Volvo truck LV101. The distribution box was specially designed. The Volvo was equipped with an engageable differential lock (and hub winch)!!! to improve its off-road performance.

Unfortunately, only 210 TPV’s where built between 1943 and 1946 of which 80 were equipped with the M25 radio. In total 207 units were delivered to the army. The first 4 test vehicles were delivered in 1944. After an extensive test program production of the remaining 206 pieces was released.

Production ended in September 1946. One TPV became a civilian fire truck (chassis No. 209).



Volvo kept two examples and one was sold to Argentina. Unclear is where Volvo's second car went. Within the army the Volvo was distributed to the artillery, infantry, armoured forces, and signal troops. Due to the Swedish Law almost all of the remaining Volvo’s were shortened after the war to avoid road tax. After their remaining life, mostly as farm vehicles, almost all were scrapped.

According to our knowledge only 15 remain nowadays of which 8 are in drivable condition, mostly in museums.

Note: only three TPV’s can be seen on the road, including this one.


This vehicle:

This car was discovered in Belgium in the eighties by its current owner. It was still in its original condition and a great find. The former owner had owned it since the late 1960s and had always maintained it well.

All thought complete and running at the time, the Volvo was given a total body off restoration. The rolling chassis and drivetrain have been restored by Roald Rozendaal. Jan Bonthond Klassiekers in Almelo took care of the bodywork and final assembly.  Over a period of two years the vehicle was completely taken apart, repainted, and assembled again. The engine was reconditioned. The Volvo received its Dutch title in 1995. They Volvo is very complete. Only one of the two folding passenger seats in the back and the radio (Bl 25 W m/39) are not there.

The optional outside heater will complete the vehicle’s looks.

There are some small fixtures that should be fixed again. They are included.

 Current state:

The Volvo drives, shifts and brakes without any problem. The vehicle is mechanically sound. Bodywork is also good. The car is in technical sound and drives well. Bodywork is also solid. After its restoration the vehicle took part in several tours and off-road events. So obviously some patina is visible. Recently the Volvo underwent a major maintenance service and is therefore ready to roll for the upcoming events!



Model:                              TPV m34 (Terräng Person Vagn)

Model number:               90

Manufacturer:                  Volvo Car

Weight:                            5,158 lbs  (2.340 kg)

Crew:                               4

Engine:                             Type EC, straight six-cylinder side valve motor

3.670 cm3; Bore x Stroke: 84.14 x 110 mm; Power output 84 bhp

Transmission:                  4 x 4: type E9, 4-speed manual, unsynchronized with transfer case (2/4-wheel drive)

Suspension:                     Live axles on leaf springs front and rear


Dimensions:                     Length:     189”     (480 cm)

Width:      71”        (180 cm)

Height:     76 ¾”    (195 cm)

Armament:                      No

VIN No.:                            99375

Year of Manufacturing:   June 30, 1944


Comes with:

This is an absolute rare opportunity to own an even rarer vehicle. The Volvo drives like a saloon and has good off-road capabilities. The large sunroof and inside heaters make the car a pleasure to drive both in summer- and wintertime. It’s an absolute head turner on the road and during static shows as well. To complete ‘its looks’ several items are included in the sale among which a helmet, an officer cap and leather side bag. All Swedish and dated from WWII.


Included in the sale:

  • Original instruction manual
  • Maintenance manuals (copies)
  • Dutch car title
  • Original hub winch
  • Axe
  • WW2 Swedish army helmet
  • WW2 Swedish army cap
  • WW2 Swedish army side bag



Location:                          Deventer, The Netherlands

Condition:                        Extreemly rare; Nice running condition.

Permits:                           No specific permits are required.



Between € 40.000 and € 50.000