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The SCR-508 radio was a mobile Signal Corps Radio used by the U.S. Army during World War II, for short range ground communications. The SCR-508 series radio represented the Army's commitment to both FM and crystal tuning and was used extensively by armor and mechanized units. The turret bustle of late series light and medium tanks was designed around this radio.

The SCR-508 series was standardized on 22 July 1941, and used by armored forces for command and control of tank units. It replaced the earlier SCR-293 and SCR-245 and was used primarily in the M5 Stuart light tanks as well as the M4 Sherman medium tanks.

It also provided the intercom system to all crew stations and voice communications between tanks and other vehicles/units equipped with FM radios (such as the SCR-510 and others) operating in the same frequency range.

One of 10 channels could be selected by the operator, a total of 80 channels were available for use at 100 kHz channel spacing. Channels were referred to by a numerical identifier. For example, 27.100 MHz was "channel 271", 25.000 MHz was "channel 250" and so on.



Frequency Range:   10 crystal-controlled channels 20.0 MHz to 27.9 MHz

Power:                      25 W

Weight:                     137 lb (62 kg.)

Range:                      7 mi (11 km)


Location:                  Creil the Netherlands

Condition:                 Will be delivered in nice working condition
Permits:                    No specific permits required


Between € 1.500 and € 2.500