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The Nekaf Jeep (also simply Nekaf) was a Willys M38A1 jeep that was assembled in the Netherlands, initially at Nekaf in Rotterdam and later at Kemper & Van Twist from Dordrecht. The Nekaf Jeep was used by the Royal Nether lands Army until the 1990s. A total of approximately 7,500 were built. The military designation is M38A1. It is originally a design from 1952 by Willys-Overland and is also referred to as Willys MD. The Dutch version differs from the standard M38A1 by the characteristic convex indicators on each side, which are protected by an iron bracket.
This Nekaf Jeep has been completely refurbished and serviced.
The jeep has very limited miles. The engine runs great and the gearbox, transfer case and drive line are in good condition.
The jeep will be delivered with the original radio set from the ‘50’s, a working GRC-3030 build by Van der Heem, The Hague.

Model:                              M38A1 (Nekaf)
Manufacturer:                  Willys-Overland; Nekaf (Netherlands Kaiser-Frazer); Kemper & Van Twist
Weight:                            2,660 lb.   (1.225 kg)
Crew:                               3 to 4
Engine:                             134 cu in (2.20 L) Hurricane I4 (gasoline)
Transmission:                  3-speed manual x 2 range transfer case, 1 reverse
Suspension:                     Live axles on leaf springs front and rear
Speed:                             65 mph    (105 km/h)
Dimensions:                     Length      138.6 in (3.52 m)
Width       60.8 in   (1.54 m) (body)
Height      73 in       (1.85 m) with top up,
reducible to 56+1⁄4 in (1.43 m)

Location:                          Creil, The Netherlands
Condition:                        Great running
Dutch road registration: Yes
Permits:                           In case of export an export permit might be required.

Between € 15.500 and € 17.500

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