Lot 0340: 1941 Chevrolet Special de Luxe Military (USA)


The Chevrolet Special Deluxe Series AH Fleetline was an automobile produced by US automaker Chevrolet from 1941 to 1952

In 1942, many civil production Chevy Fleetmasters were commissioned by the Army while at the same time orders were placed with Chevrolet for the military version as described in TM10-1133.

This example has been completely restored to a very high level in the past and is painted in the military color scheme from 1942. The interior has beige fabric upholstery and headliner in accordance with the original specifications. This Chevrolet with a 216 cu in six-cylinder in-line engine and a three-speed manual gearbox is easy and very comfortable to drive. This Chevrolet Special Deluxe with so-called split window is absolutely great condition, both technically and optically.

Cars from the year 1941 are special because they were built just before car production in America was stopped due to the Second World War. Due to the low production numbers in the years before the war, these are popular cars. In short, this Chevrolet Special Deluxe is a fantastic and unique classic.



Model:                             Special de Luxe Sport Sedan

Manufacturer:                Chevrolet Motor Division

Body type:                      Sedan 4-doors

Weight:                           3.300. lb. (1.500 kg)

Engine:                            "Victory Six" 6 cylinder; 216 cu in (3.5 L) inline side valves
water cooled; 90 hp @ 3.300 rpm.

Bore x stroke: 3 ½ x 3 ¾ in

Compression ratio: 6.5:1

Transmission:                 3 Manual Synchromesh, 1 reverse.

Single plate clutch.

Column gearshift controls

Speed:                             80 mph (125 km/h)

Suspension:                    Live axles on leaf springs front and rear

Dimensions:                    Length:            195 ¾”       (4.98 m)

Width:             72            (1.83 m)

Height:            67            (1.70 m)

Weel base:     116”

Electrical installation:     6 Volt

VIN:                                  1AH1214773

Body Nr.:                          F2945

Engine Nr.:                       3836850 GM 5 / 3769716 / GM 24

Year of Manufacturing:  1941

Body:                               Style No. 41 – 1019; Body No. F 2945

Body by Fischer

Comes with:

  • Original Maintenance Manual from 1941 - for maintenance workshop
  • Chevrolet 1941 Owner’s Manual (reprint)
  • Chevrolet 1941 Shop Manual / Workshop manual (reprint)
  • Original General Motors Car Keys - 3 pieces
  • Original General Motors Door Keys - 3 pieces
  • 4 Running board Chevrolet moldings (new)
  • 4 new NOS Hubcaps
  • Original License plate E-1283 / Number plate of this 1941 Chevrolet
  • 2 pieces Vintage Golf Clubs
  • Vintage Leather suitcase
  • Original 12x50 Army Binoculars
  • Original Service Cap as well as an Original Garrison Cap OD



Location:                         Helden, The Netherlands

Condition:                       Pristine class A restored condition.

Permits:                           Comes with Dutch Road License.



Between € 25.000 and € 35.000