Lot 0337: Rifle Gewehr 1871 (Germany)

Starting bid: 250.00


The Mauser Model 1871, Gewehr 71 or I.G.Mod.71 was the first distinctive rifle design by Paul and Wilhelm Mauser.

On February 14, 1872, the Mauser model 1871 became the standard firearm of the German Empire, with the exception of Bavaria in the period 1874–1888. The weapons came into service from 1873 to 1875. After this it After this the Model 1871 found his way all over the world and was deployed in numerous conflicts in for instance Argentina, South Africa, Bulgaria, Japan, Ethiopia, Turkey, the Balkans and even (however limited) in the Second World War.

This Mauser Model 1871 has a shortened stock most probably due to civilian use after being decommissioned by the army.



Type and Model:            Gewehr 1871

Weapon number:           891

Year of Manufacturing:  1875

Calber:                            11,15 x 37

Length:                            53.15 in (1,350 mm)

Manufacturer:                 Mauser

Weight:                            9.92 lbs (4.5 kg)

Barrel:                              33.66 in (855 mm)

System of operation:      Bolt System

Feed system:                  Single shot

BAIV Reference:              0127



Location:                         Nederweert, The Netherlands.

Condition:                       Good well used condition with nice patina

Permits:                           Black Powder: No permit required



Between € 500 and € 800