Lot 0333: 1943 ERMA Mauser 98k (Germany)

The Karabiner 98 kurz, or carbine 98 short, is a bolt action rifle that often served with the Axis armies in the Second World War. Entered service in June 1935 as a standard rifle for the German Wehrmacht and was the final stage in the line of military rifles developed by Mauser.
A Kar98k should not be missing in a Second World War collection, it is an iconic German weapon.
In the post war this Kar98k from 1943 has been converted into a hunting rifle with a different stock from another Mauser (export) model.
Equipped with mounting points for a scope it is a very interesting object. The civilian post-war use makes it a nice collector's item, harmoniously connecting the war period with a post-war application.

Type and Model: Kar98k
Weapon number: 6681m
Year of Manufacturing: 1943
Calber: 7.92x57mm
Length: 43.6 Inch (1,110 mm)
Manufacturer: ERMA / Mauser AG Borsigwalde
Weight: 8 lb 9 oz (3.9 kg.)
Barrel: 23.6 in (600 mm); four grooves;
System of operation: Mauser turn Bolt System
Feed system: 5 round integral box magazine
BAIV Reference: 0122
Location: Nederweert NL

Location: Nederweert, The Netherlands.
Condition: In good condition with nice patina.
Permits: Will come with EU deactivation certificate.

Between € 800 and € 1,500