Lot 0329: MG .30 CAL M1919 M37 (USA)

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The Browning 30CAL has its origins in a John Moses Browning design that was first patented in 1890. This early gas-operated gun was built by the Colt Company and became known as the Colt M1895. In 1900 Browning decided that recoil operation offered more possibilities than gas, and he began work on a completely new design. He took out his first patent the following year but did not produce a prototype until 1910.
The US. Army had no interest at that time, but in February 1917, with war looming closer and virtually no machine guns in the armories, the US. War Department finally allowed Browning to demonstrate his new weapon.
Initially no decision was forthcoming, then in April the US. went to war. The following month saw Browning demonstrating his gun once more, giving spectacular proof of the gun efficiency by firing 20,000 rounds non-stop.
Contracts were placed for 45,000 guns and the Browning M1917 entered service.
The Browning mechanism relies on barrel recoil; this moves to the rear, carrying the bolt with it. After a short recoil a vertically sliding lock is withdrawn by cam surfaces in the gun body, unlocking the bolt. The final movement of the barrel recoil causes an accelerator, a curved steel claw, to swing back and, because of leverage gain, flip the bolt backward very rapidly against a return spring. This movement of the bolt also drives the belt feed mechanism that moves the belt, strips rounds from it, and positions them in front of the bolt.
In addition to ground requirements the Browning was wanted as an aircraft gun, but water-cooling was neither necessary nor desirable in this role and an air-cooled model was developed. known as the M1918. From this stemmed the M1919, also air- cooled but with a heavier barrel and intended for use in tanks. During the 1920s, it was found that this air-cooled weapon worked well as a ground gun, and eventually the M1914A4 was issued, tripod-mounted, to supplement and later largely replace the water-cooled M1917A1 model.
Extremely practical and decisive and therefore widely used during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War

Type and Model: Gun Machine .30 CAL M1917 M37
Weapon number: 4000
Year of Manufacturing: 1944
Calber: .30
Length: 37.94 Inch (964 mm)
Manufacturer: Rock Island Arsenal
Weight: 30.75 lb (14 kg.)
Barrel: 24 in (610 mm); four grooves; right-hand-twist
System of operation: Recoil vertical sliding breach block
Feed system: 250 rounds fabric belts
BAIV Reference: 0085

Location: Nederweert, The Netherlands.
Condition: In good condition with nice patina.
Permits: Will come with EU deactivation certificate.

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