Lot 0328: Still Electric Car

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The Tesla from the Fifties! Electric cart with 80-volt battery pack.


The combination of electrical engineering know-how and a clear view of the needs of the market paved the way for the first successful products of the post-war period. Against the background of the omnipresent lack of fuel in the post-war years, a design team consisting of two STILL employees started developing electric transporters in July 1945.

In 1946, Hans Still presented the EK 2000 electric cart, an electrically powered transport vehicle with a load capacity of 2 tons. Robust, maneuverable, and independent of expensive fossil fuels, this vehicle marked the beginning of STILL's course towards becoming a manufacturer of industrial trucks.

In the port of Hamburg, the agile e-cart became an indispensable helper. The nimble vehicle pulled up to ten trailers through the port with its countless storage sheds. From this point, it was only a small step to the next successful product: a three-wheeled tractor, which quickly established itself as "Muli Mobil" in the industrial plants and warehouses of the young German Federal Republic


Dimensions:              2,70 x 1,22 x 1,47 m

Weight: approx.       1000 kg.

Model:                      EKZH202L-S01


Location:                   Nederweert, the Netherlands

Condition:                 Very original, refurbished, In running condition excluding batteries

Permits:                     No permits will be applicable


Between € 1.000 and € 1.500