Lot 0327: 1931 M31 76MM AA Gun (Russia)

The 76 mm air defense gun M1931 (Russian: 76-мм зенитная пушка обр. 1931 г.; Zenitnaya Pushka obr. 1931 g.) was an anti-aircraft gun used by the Soviet Union during the Winter War and the first stages of World War II.
The configuration of the air defense gun M1931 owed much to the design of the contemporary Vickers 3-inch anti-aircraft guns. The Soviet M1931 like the Vickers gun had a two-wheeled carriage with collapsible cruciform outriggers.
The M1931 however, was designed by Rheinmetall and sold to Russia long before the outbreak of the Second World War. From 1932 onwards about 4,000 of these guns were made.
A number of M1931 guns were captured by Finland during the Winter War and were employed by them as the 76 ItK/31 ss during World War II.
Likewise, M1931 guns captured by the Germans were given the designation 7.62 cm Flak M.31(r) and used until they were either worn out or their ammunition supply ran out. A few were rebored to fire German 8.8 cm ammunition and redesignated the 7.62/8.8 cm Flak M.31(r). However, the majority were scrapped in 1944.
After the war, a number of Finnish guns were converted into light coastal guns (76 ItK 31 Rt, where "Rt" stands for "rannikkotykistö" = coastal artillery) by the addition of a scope site with manual lead mechanism for direct fire against moving surface targets. These guns were still in use as training guns of the coastal artillery into the 1980s.
This Gun
This gun was produced by Zenitnaya Pushka obr in 1938.
At the time of Operation Barbarossa, the German army captured this gun and it was transported to Germany for home defense purposes.
Later in the war this gun was one of the 114 which were transferred from Germany to Finland where they have been used used for Coastal Defence. Therfore it has a very interesting story (Russia, Germany and Finland)
The gun was very powerfull and effective to a maximum height of 8 km and had a range of 14 km!
Moreover; with the proper crew it could deliver up to twenty rounds per minute.
The gun is deactivated but comes with its original two-wheel undercarriage.
NOTE: Can be restored to its former glory to BAIV BV. If you are interested in this please ask!

Model: Russian AA gun 76mm M31
Manufacturer: Zenitnaya Pushka obr
Weight: Travel: 4,820 kg (10,630 lb)
Year: 1937
Crew: 10
Barrel Length: 4.1 m (13 ft 5 in) L/55
Caliber: 76.2 mm (3 in)
Shell: Fixed QF 76.2 × 558 mm. R[2]
Shell weight: 6.6 kg (14 lb. 9 oz)
Breech Semi-automatic vertical sliding-wedge
Recoil: Hydro-pneumatic
Carriage: Two-wheeled carriage with collapsible cruciform outriggers
Elevation: −2° to +82°
Traverse: 360°
Rate of Fire: 10–20 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity: 815 m/s (2,670 ft/s)
Maximum firing range: 9.3 km (31,000 ft) AA ceiling
Feed system: Manual
Dimensions: Length: 271.6 in (6.90 m.) (towed mode)
Width: 94.5 in (2.40m)
Height: 102.2 in (2.60m)
Level of restoration: Straight army release (deactivated)
Year of manufacturing: 1938
Breach ID: 2991

Location: Overloon, The Netherlands.
Condition: Nice complete condition; Straight Finish Army Release.
Permits: Note for Buyers: Firearms licence for deactivated category 2 weapons will be applicable.

Between € 13.500 and € 18.000