Lot 0325: 1943 Sherman M4A1 Instrument panel (USA)

This is a very rare, restored WWII US M4 Instrument Dashboard for the Famous Sherman Tank. True Rarity and complete. Panel is for what is called a « Late » M4, M4A1 Dash made in June 1943.
Comes with is original Inspector stamp. Some information regarding the actual panel and all its functions can be seen in the photo of the period diagrams provided. Conditions are very good as it is recently rebuilt.
Discovered By Ivo Jr. and Sr. in a barn in Mont-Saint-Remy Northern France in June 2021.
According to the previous owner it was taken in from a tank in the Reims area that had been disabled in 1944. Tank was recovered / removed in the course of 1947.
This would make it a very nice display for any WW-II US Armored collector or enthusiast or a good basis for a restoration project.
Very rare and highly collectable!

Model: Early Model Sherman Dash M4A1
Manufacturer: Chrysler
Weight: 24 lb. (11 kg)
Dimensions Length: 21 1/8 in (53,7 cm)
Height: 11 ¼ in (28,5 cm)
Deep: 7 in (17,8 cm)
Location: Nederweert, The Netherlands
Condition: Great restored condition
Permits: Not applicable

Between € 4.500 and € 7.500