Lot 0322: 1954 DAF YA 328 Cargo (NLD)

Cold War veteran: “Dikke DAF” (FAT DAF); hugely ingenious vehicle, technically ahead of its time!
After World War II, all modern armies became highly mechanized. This war had taught us how important a good logistics organization was; huge numbers of military utility vehicles were produced for a quick supply and delivery of all kinds of combat equipment, such as artillery tractors, trucks, and for the transport of infantry.

As a 'general military vehicle', the DAF YA 328 is an important representative of the mechanization and innovation of the Dutch army. For almost three decades, this 'Dikke DAF' was the face of the Dutch army and a 'defining image', also for the civilians outside the barracks gate. Moreover, the large order from the Dutch government has been of decisive importance for the development of DAF as a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer.

This DAF 328 was purchased in 1993 by its current owner. Because he had his driving training on this vehicle during his service and kept excellent memories of it, he bought his favorite vehicle when the opportunity came along! Therefore, no expense was spared to restore it to excellent condition. He enjoyed it a lot during various rides as well in the Netherlands as in Belgium and Northern France. Because the years are starting to count for him, the owner recently decided that he wants to sell it and asked Tracks and Trade to offer it in the fall 2023 Auction. He hopes that his beloved ‘Dikke DAF’ will end up with a true enthusiast who, just like him, will enjoy it for years to come.

Date of Delivery: 1954
Chassis / VIN Nr.: YA3287708
Remarks: Will be delivered with LPG installation
Road License: Yes (Dutch Road License issued 17-12-1993)
Condition: Vehicle will be delivered in good running and well-maintained condition

Location: Etten-Leur, the Netherlands
Condition: Nicely restored condition
Permits: No specific permits required

Between € 9.000 and € 12.000