Lot 0318: 1940 Jerrycan Nowack Bautzen (Germany)

Starting bid: 50.00


The jerrycan is known as Wehrmacht-Einheitskanister (Wehrmachtkanister) in Germany and this is the original “jerrycan” design type used to be copied by all the rest of the world during the WW-II. The Germans were the first to create the “Jerrycan.” It was developed in 1937 by the Müller engineering in Schwelm to a design by their chief engineer Vinzenz Grünvogel.

The Wehrmacht had specified that a soldier should be able to carry either two full containers or four empty ones, which is the reason the triple handles were fitted.The rectangular shape made it stackable.


Steel 20-litre jerrycan, dated 1940 impressed 'Kraftstoff 20L - Feuergefährlich - 1940 - NOWACK BAUTZEN. In overall good untouched condition. Original ‘Stahlgrau’ paint is still locally visible. Exterior original with surface rust.

Internally fine condition and liquid-tight.


Location:                            Nederweert, The Netherlands.

Condition:                         Authentic used condition.

Permits:                             Not applicable.



Between € 150 and 400