Lot 0315: 1937 ASFA (Askari Fabrika) Model 1938 (Turkey)

Starting bid: 250.00

ASFA is an arms maker in Ankara Turkey. In the past, firearms were mainly built based on weapon systems from Mauser. It is not without reason that these rifles are also called ‘Turkish Mausers’.
This Model 1938 is the Turkish make of the Mauser 98 series.
The Model of 1938 isn't really a single model, but rather a common set of features. This designation isn't even one that the Turks used, rather it is a designation that U.S. importers have made up. There is the assumption that the Turks took whatever rifles they had and did their best to convert them to the Model of 1938 design. Most common among the rifles called Model 1938 are the K.Kale marked rifles and the Gew.98 conversions. Sometimes the importers even marked converted 1893 and 1903 rifles on the barrels with Model of 1938.
This is a 1937 model.
As this example is stamped 1937 this probably concerns a pre-production model because actual production did not start until 1939.
This makes this a particularly early model.
It is in fair condition. Receiver is stamped with "T C" "ASFA ANKARA" "1937" (Republic of Turkey, Ankara Military Rifle Factory) with Turkish crescent moon and star. A very historic rifle with an interesting history! Very early model of the ‘Turkish Mauser’ with an interesting U.S. importers designation!

Type and Model: ASFA Model 1938
Weapon number: 27479
Year of Manufacturing: 1937
Calber: 7.92x57mm
Length: 43.6 Inch (1,110 mm)
Manufacturer: Askari Fabrika; ASFA ANKARA (Republic of Turkey, Ankara Military Rifle Factory)
Weight: 8 lb 9 oz (3.9 kg.)
Barrel: 23.6 in (600 mm); four grooves; right-hand-twist
System of operation: Mauser turn Bolt System
Feed system: 5 round integral box magazine
BAIV Reference: 0123

Location: Nederweert, The Netherlands.
Condition: In good condition with nice patina.
Permits: Will come with EU deactivation certificate.

Between € 800 and € 1.500