Lot 0314: 1944 Tank Destroyer M36 Jackson (USA)

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The M36 Tank Destroyer, formally 90-mm Gun Motor Carriage, was the ultimate American tank destroyer during World War II that helped the Allies win! Besides the M10 Wolverine and the superfast M18, which could drive up to 57 mph (92 km/h), the US Army needed a more powerful gun and better armored vehicle to hunt down the latest developments in German tanks, including the Panther and Tigers. Therefore, the US Army created an upgraded version of the M10 using the M10A1 hull.
The turret was completely redesigned for the new and heavier gun. The M10A1 hull with the new turret created eventually the M36. The M36 was so beloved that the US Army ran out of M10A1 hulls and had to start using M4A3 and M4A2 (same as M10 hulls).
Creating the final push for the Allied to win the war!
This M36 was built based on a M10A1 hull with the M10A1 serial number 1186. In the last three years the M36 “Big Chief” has been restored to Class A condition. This is therefore the top item of the Tracks & Trade Spring auction 2023, as M36 Jacksons in this condition are very rare. It is estimated that in Europe this is the only M36 that has been restored to its original glory!
Furthermore, the current owner named this M36 “Big Chief” and marked it with USA registration 40177412, 4th Armored Division as a tribute to the 704th tank destroyer battalion.

Model: 90 mm Gun Motor Carriage M36
Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company (FMCO)USA
Production figures: In total 2,324 M36 GMC’s have been produced in the period April 1944 until May 1945. This includes 190 post war vehicles.
Color: Olive drap
Weight: 63,000 lb. (28.576 kg)
Crew: 5 (Commander, gunner, loader, driver, assistant driver)
Engine: Ford GAA; V8, 4 cycle, 60° 1,100 cu in (18 L) gasoline;
Transmission: Synchromesh, 5 speeds forward, 1 reverse
Steering: Controlled differential; steering levers
Suspension: Vertical Volute Spring Suspension (VVSS):
Roadwheels: 3 bogies/track; 2 wheels/bogie,
Track return rollers: 3 single/track
Tracks: T47E1; Steel, cast, rubber-backed parallel grouser
Drive Sprockets: 13-tooth front drive
Idlers: Single adjustable at rear of track
Shock Absorbers: Non
Max. speed: 26 mph (42 km/h) on road
Dimensions: Length (Hull): 19 ft 7 in (5.97 m)
Length (incl. gun): 24 ft 6 in (7.47 m)
Width: 10 ft 0 in (3.05 m)
Height: 10 ft 9 in (3.28 m)
Electrical: 24 Volt
Armament Primary: 90 mm gun M3A2
Id’s: GUN, 90mm M3A2. NO. 7037
Remark: deactivated GB proof house certificate
No. 35573 (1-04-2004)
No sliding block!
Secondary: .50 caliber (12.7 mm) Browning M2HB machine
1 Rifle .30 No. (replica)
Date of Delivery Build by Ford Motor Company (FMCO) as an M10A1 in May 1943
Converted to a M36 in November 1944 American Locomotive Company (ALCO).
Serial Nr. 1180 (on left rear towing hook), also stamped at VIN plate location
UK registration OSU 569

Location: Nederweert, the Netherlands
Condition: Fully restored (Class A)
Permits: Please verify in case of oversees transport

Between € 500.000 and € 600.000

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