Lot 0313: Restored M15A1 Fruehauf 45-TON SEMI TRAILER (USA)

However relatively many M26 Pacific Trucks survived (as well in armored and non-armored version) this is absolutely not the case for the M15 trailer. Only a small quantity is still there. Therefore, as well the M15 and M15A1 / A2 Semi trailer is almost never offered in the market.
This example was discovered in Greece by Ivo Jr. and Sr. of BAIV BV in The Netherlands in May 2021. It was an ex-Greece Army unit released in the late sixties. It therefore remained in a very nice and complete condition, still almost 100% original, and untouched, and never abused during civil applications. The Greek climate has also ensured that there was hardly any rust!
However, all the rubber and wooden parts were far gone and need to be replaced.
It turned out not to be easy to find the correct specific tires for this combination. However, after some time the BAIV team discovered these tires successfully (Michelin 14.00 x R 24 XVC; off road wheel crane load which are capable of use for heavy transport).
During the restoration process the unit was professionally fully shot blasted (Corund) and painted in a 3-layer Carboline 2-K paint system by a professional, approved, and certified conservation company which also works for the defense industry in the color WW-II.
The application of the painting system is therefore fully in compliance with the modern Military standards (on the next page some pictures of the trailer after shot blasting SA 2 ½).
After painting the unit was finished in BAIV’s workshop including the installation of a nice replica 1,5-ton hoist column crane as re-manufactured according to the original design by Nick Vannitzen. This hoisting unit can be installed on several positions on as well the trailer as the truck tractor to handle and lift the wheels which are relatively heavy!!! (900 lbs.; 410 kg. each).
Also, replacement of all timber and lights was done and finally the fabrication and replacement of new data plates. Some small work still needs to be completed. This is mostly related to the completion of the lighting and wiring, brake system and some accessories.
The most impressive tank transporter from WW-II used also in the post-war period until the Vietnam War!
This Fruehauf CPT – 30 SPEC. ; 45-ton Semi trailer M15AI is generally in good condition. It is very complete and was never abused or used in a civil application.
Moreover, it is very original and will be a wonderful addition for the serious WW-II collector, or for instance with a Mack M 123 or 125 or any other period correct Tractor Truck for the post-war collector to become an impressive recovery unit.
The semi-trailer will be delivered in the condition as indicated in the description. Restoration is not fully finished. Some minor work is required to complete the unit (wiring, brake system and identification). Unit will be delivered with Dutch road registration documents. Only a very few examples survived worldwide, which makes this a very collectable unit and therefore, by our opinion, a particularly sound investment.

Model: Fruehauf CPT – 30 SPEC. ; 45-ton Semi-trailer M15AI
Manufacturer: Fruehauf Trailer Company, Detroit Michigan USA
Makers ID: W15690
Production figures: M15 and M15A1: 1943: 376
1944: 649
1945: 379
Total No.: 1.404
Basic Weight (unloaded): 42,675 lbs. 19.374 kg.
Payload: 90,000 lbs. 40.860 kg.
Length (overall): Ramps stowed: 461 1/16 in. 1. 171 cm.
Ramps lowered: 530 in. 1. 346 cm.
Length of low bed: 329 in. 836 cm.
Width: Over bed (M15A1): 126 in. 320 cm.
Over wheels normal: 150 in. 381 cm.
Reduced: 124 in. 315 cm.
Height: 105 in. 267 cm.
Date of Delivery: October 28 1945
Ordnance Serial No.: 1037
Brakes: Air operated Bendix Westinghouse
Tires: 14.00 x 24 20 ply (replaced)
Road registration: Yes; LKJ-76-T (The Netherlands)
Note: 2 extra wheels as indicated in the pictures are not included in this lot.

Location: Nederweert, the Netherlands
Condition: Recently restored. Great tires; need some small work to completion
Permits: Please verify in case of oversees transport

Between € 45.000 and € 60.000