Lot 0311: Half Track M9A1 Personnel Carrier “Jolene” (USA)

Built by International Harvester Company (IHC) in 1943; The Superb US Halftrack in WW-II! This M9A1 3888 ORD 3388 was built by International Harvester Corporation in December 1943 and rolled off the production line as a M9A1 halftrack with Roller at the front. It was definitely in service for the Allied troops liberating Europe!
From the OD it received US ID USA4070971 however it never saw active service in the US Army because it was supplied to allies to be active on the Western Front.
Its wartime history is currently unknown, most likely it served in the British, Commonwealth or Canadian Army in the liberation of Europe. If the halftrack could speak its stories will be overwhelming as it has been in service in as well the UK, France, most probably Belgium and The Netherlands and of course Germany. After the war this example was overhauled in France in July 1957 and most probably after this used in Germany until it was decommissioned in the late sixties.
The post war ID Numbers were still slightly visible on the bumper and the roller was removed, something which was often done in these days to shorten the length of scout cars and halftracks as well.
BAIV decided to complete the unit and prepare it for sale.
However, BAIV decided not to perform a full restoration to make it more attractive for its future owner.
Therefore, the entire engine bay and technical parts including wiring, instrumentation, fuel systems, brakes and transmission remain untouched.
By bringing it in this condition it will be a very interesting object for a museum or private collector because the majority off all hard work is already done which makes it a relatively easy project to complete!

The unit will be delivered in condition as indicated on the pictures, as far as possible completed but not restored and not running! This will therefore be a great purchase for a museum or for a restorer who wants to buy a nice project. As a project the Halftrack will be delivered with a new Canvas top (Original N.O.S.), Lot of loose bolts and nuts (mostly original) as been taken off during the conversion, Good tracks, sprockets, sprocket wheels and road wheels (Note: suspension is not overhauled)
So, if you are looking for something unique as a project which still needs to be finished by you and also to be a good investment; this is the ultimate opportunity!

Date of Delivery December 1943
Serial and ORD Nr. M9A1 3888 ORD 3388
US registration USA 4070971 (Original Number)
Markings: C-12, 56th Armored Infantry Battalion,
12th Armored Division.
Location: Nederweert, the Netherlands
Condition: Non-Runner, without any road license
Needs completion
Permits: No specific permits required.

Between € 40.000 and € 55.000