Lot 0305: 1942 M10 Ammunition Trailer (USA)

Starting bid: 800.00

The M10 was produced by the Fruehauf Trailer Company, Youngstown Steel Door Company, and Schlem Brothers from 1942 to 1945.
There were several variants of this utility trailer, with smaller details being different for each variant. However, the basic M10 trailer remained the same throughout its production run. It consisted of a simple, almost square body mounted on a simple frame with a goose-necked hitch. The trailer had two separately operated hand brakes, a simple hinged tailgate, two-fold-down rails which supported a simple canvas cover, and various hooks and tie downs on both the inside and outside of the body.
The tie downs on the inside of the bed were recessed to provide a flat surface all around the interior of the trailer body. This aided in loading and unloading the trailer.
The tires were military, non-directional, and were mounted on a simple axle. The M10 had no form of shock absorbers or suspension springs.
Finally, the M10 had a simple jack-stand for holding the trailer up when it was disconnected from the towing vehicle, as well as a simple, 6-volt lighting system. The U.S. M10 ammunition trailer was used mostly by armored units to transport additional ammunition. It could be towed by many different vehicles, including 2 1/2-ton trucks, halftracks, armored cars, self-propelled guns and tanks. It was commonly seen behind 105 mm armed Shermans, M7 Priests and the M8 howitzer motor carriage.

Producer The Youngstown Steel Door Co.
Type: M10 Ammunition Trailer
Build: 1942
Chassis No.: 3863
Remarks: Comes with Dutch Road registration WP-LX-14 including Canvas Cover

Location: Oosterwolde, the Netherlands
Condition: Nicely restored condition
Permits: No specific permits required

Between € 1.500 and € 2.500