Lot 0301: FN-Herstal Mauser M1889 (Belgium)

Starting bid: 250.00

Lot 0301: FN-Herstal Mauser M1889 7,65x53 (Belgium)


The Mauser Model 98 (Gewehr 98) weapon system is an infantry rifle that was used from 1898 to 1945 produced in Germany and abroad.

This M1889 was built by Fabrique National Herstal Liege (FN) and is therefore also known as the 'Belgian Mauser'. In nice used condition.

The Belgium Mauser has a very interesting history. Used in many conflicts worldwide ranging from the First Melillan campaign, Greco-Turkish War, Belgian colonial conflicts, World War I and II until the Congo and Cyprus Crisis.



Type and Model:                FN-Herstal Mauser M1889 7,65x53

Weapon number:              CC4178

Year of Manufacturing:      1889-1936

Calber:                               7,65x53

Length:                               51 Inch (1,295 mm)

Manufacturers:                  Fabrique National Herstal Liege

Weight:                              8.82 lb (4 kg.)

Barrel:                                18 in (457 mm)

System of operation:        Bolt action with internal magazine

Feed system:                      5 round box magazine

BAIV Reference:                 0124



Location:                            Nederweert, The Netherlands.

Condition:                          In good condition with nice patina.

Permits:                              Will come with EU deactivation certificate. See Appendix



Between € 750 and € 1.100