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DKW 350 NZ – “Das Motorrad der Kradmelder”

The NZ series was the result of years of long technical research and innovations in the DKW’s research centre. New revolutionary pressed-steel mainframe – Zentralkastenrahmen, more beautiful engine block, four speed gearbox, new starter mechanism, are the main characteristic features of this new civil motorcycle.

The mainframe itself was a masterpiece of engineering: made from two pressed steel sheets which were electrically welded together. Unfortunately, the welding process used so much electricity, that the welding could only be done at night, when the electrical consumption of the other parts of town were lower.

The NZ 350 was adopted for army service and became the “middle-class 350 cc motorcycle” in the wehrmacht’s catalogue. The machine soon became known as “Das Motorrad der Kradmelder” – the dispatch rider’s motorcycle. Many civil NZs were confiscated and repainted for the Wehrmacht.

This DKW was found in a barn in the city of Reims France and was restored by using original parts from several DKW’s by the son of Mr. Couturier. The saddle is of a Civilian bike. The old (often unreliable) conventional ignition (points) has been upgraded to a 12V/180W solid state VAPE ignition system. The chassis Fahrgestel No.486687 is built in end of 1939 and the engine is marked with the build date 01-1944.

The current data plate is not correct to the frame and engine number but is from a SB 350 from 1935.

Engine number: 987153 (date 1/44)

Chassis Nr.: 486887

Data plate: from SB 350 from 1935 (not correct)


A Dane – Engineer J.S. Rasmussen (1878-1964) founded the company in 1906, initially producing parts for textile machinery. In 1917 his company – “Zschopauer Maschinenfabric”, spurred by wartime petrol shortages, produced a “DampfKraftWagen” steam-engine car, or shortly – DKW. In 1919 they produced for first time a two-stroke engine – “Das Kleine Wunder” – “The Little Marvel”, fitted to a bicycle.

In the times of the Great Depression of the 30’s DKW suffered a massive cease in the production and in 1932 on account of economic reasons they merged with the motorcar’s producers Audi. Soon these untroubled times went to an end as World War II started. The production of the newly created NZ series was in small amounts and without market success.

The Wehrmacht did not express any interest in the two-stroke engines. But the Wehrmacht’s reconnaissance

division needed to adopt a reliable machine to be used for scout and messenger purposes thus the DKW

NZ 350 came along. The machine was soon produced to the Wehrmacht with almost no alterations, comparing

to the civil version and became known as “Das Motorrad der Kradmelder” the dispatch rider’s motorcycle.





NZ 350




145 kg




air-cooled 346cc, 1-cyl, 2-stroke




Foot & Hand

Front fork:



105 km/h

Fuel capacity:

14 litres

Fuel consumption:

3.3 litters /100 km



209 cm


75 cm

Saddle height

70 cm


1355 mm

Date of Delivery:

Frame: 1939; engine 01/1944

Chassis No.:


Engine No:



WH 39129 (Wehrmacht)


•    The old (often unreliable) conventional ignition (points) has been upgraded to a 12V/180W solid state VAPE ignition system

•    DKW is restored by using original parts from several DKW’s therefor also the frame and engine number are not matching numbers.

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Robby van Sambeek

Vehicle restorer, current project a Nashorn sd.kfz. 164

This DKW motorcycle Has been nicely restored. It consists of many original parts but from different original motorcycles. This could already have been done during the wartime as there was the need to keep the damaged motorcycles operational. There is a small auto union plate missing on the speedo covering the light. The front and rear frame appear to be coming from different vehicles but appear both correct to the year. The engine is from 1-1944. In all a very nice vehicle to own for the collector.

 Experts estimated value:             between Euro 8.500 and 10.500, – (May 2022)