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1985 DDR Buran Motorschlitten

Iconic ‘Cold War’ Discovery!

Recently we discovered in an iconic unit being the ‘Motorschlitten BURAN’ which was extensively used by the GRENZTRUPPEN der DDR for their daily operations in wintertime.

Unit is still in very good and original condition. A very rare discovery because it comes including its matching trailer.

The robust tracked vehicle Buran 640 was built in the Soviet Union for its 100th birthday (1970). Since the mid-1970s, the Soviet snowmobile has also been used for GDR border security in border operations with correspondingly high levels of snow in the winter months. The excellent cross-country mobility and reliability have made this
vehicle legendary in the border service.

The unit is very complete and comes with its complete documentation, spare parts & tool set and matching trailer!

For a good impression of the Motorschlitten in full operation see: (743) DDR-Propaganda zum Grenzschutz: Politoffizier der Grenztruppen – YouTube

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Immediately after the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, the first German auxiliary police forces were deployed by the four allies at the seams of the occupation zones in Germany to support surveillance at the respective borders.
With the establishment of the GRENZPOLIZEI (BORDER POLICE) in December 1946, a police command was created in the Soviet occupation zone to curb everyday problems in the diffuse post-war situation such as uncontrolled border crossing, emigration and smuggling.

This new border police unit was later named ” DEUTSCHE GRENZPOLIZEI (GERMAN BORDER POLICE)” (1952–1961), then “GRENZTRUPPEN der NVA” (1961–1974) and from 1974 to 1990 “GRENZTRUPPEN der DDR”. Under the name “GRENZSCHUTZ der GDR”, this formation is being dissolved.

Until the fall of the Berlin Wall, the border troops were embedded in a close-knit network of cooperation between state and armed organs in the GDR. They are therefore subject to permanent
delegation, guidance and control by the Socialist
Unity Party of Germany, the Ministry for National

Defense, the Ministry for State Security and the Soviet armed forces in Germany. In the more than forty years of their existence, the members of the border police or the border troops have been balancing between two tasks:
• the border police order and security function at the state borders of the GDR and
• the military security of the western external border within the Warsaw Pact


Manufacturer:                                     JSC “Russkaya Mekhanika”

Model:                                                 BURAN 640

Year of production:                             1985

Chassis Number:                                25050729

Total length:                                       2.64 m

Total width:                                         0.90 m

Total height:                                       1.04 m (without windshield)

With windshield: 1.33 m

Empty weight:                                    280 kg

Payload:                                              200 kg

Seats:                                                  2

Top speed:                                          25 km/h

Range:                                                100 km

Fuel consumption:                             30 l/100km

Engine:                                                            2-cylinder two-stroke gasoline engine, air-cooled, 635 cc, 20,6 kW (27 hp)

Drive chain:                                         2 x 380 mm

Steer ski (front):                                  1

Transmission:                                      unsynchronized manual transmission: 1 gear forward / 1 gear backward

Trailer load:                                        280 kg. (not braked)             



Total length:                                       2.90 m

Total width:                                         0.90 m

Total height:                                       0.55 m (without windshield)

                       With windshield: 0.90 m

Empty weight:                                    80 kg

Payload:                                              200 kg

Seats:                                                  2

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Source: Tracks & Trade

The unit is very complete and comes with its complete documentation, spare parts & tool set and matching trailer!
A great find and very rare. Will be perfectly fit in a collection dedicated to the cold war.

Estimated value: between Euro 2.000 and 3.500,-