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The Radio Set SCR-506 is a medium power, a-m (voice) and cw, vehicular radio transmitting and receiving equipment used by motorized tactical units for ground-to-ground and ground-to-air communication in the medium frequency range. This equipment consists of a radio transmitter and a radio receiver mounted on a vehicular shock mounting common to both, and includes antenna, cording and accessory items. It is usually installed in tanks, armored and amphibious vehicles, personnel carriers, and similar vehicles, and has provision for rapidly adjusting, and operating over, any of five preselected channels. Operates from the storage battery of the vehicle in which it is installed.

Sizes and weight:
Radio Receiver BC-652
• Dimensions: 12 ½ x 1 5/8 x 7 5/8
• Weight: 46,5 lbs.

Radio Transmitter BC-653
• Dimensions: 12 ½ x 1 5/8 x 25 19/32
• Weight: 143.0 lbs.

Operational Characteristics:
Infantry, armored, and armored-cavalry motorized elements. Air Force, Chemical Corps, artillery, infantry, Signal Corps, Army Security Agency.

Ground, vehicular.

cw 50, voice. 20.

AN/ARC-2, -5, -8, -9, -21, -25, -26: AN/ARR-15: AN/ART-13

History / Summary:
This is an SCR-506, also called the ‘black set’. Mounting and cover are missing. Receiver is a French production model.

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